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Android Remote Control (ARC)

The Augmentalis Android Remote Control (ARC) is a windows application that allows full access and control of Android Devices in real time. The devices can be tethered via USB or use wirelessly, bringing a complete AR desktop experience to your smart glasses, wearables, and mobilde devices.

The Screen Casting Application for all Devices

No Lag, No Limitations, Ready to Use

Wired or Wireless Connection

Screen Capture and Screen Record

Multiple Device Connections

ADB Quick Access

Install APKs


Assisting AR & Smart Device Sales & Deployment

Easy to Use

Easy to learn commands that are visual and instinctive to the user. Easy to learn commands allow for hassle free onboarding and a quicker ROI allowing the user to quickly and easily use Android apps to create workflows, enter information or anything else you would do on an Android device.

Interact with Applications

Interact with AR applications the same way you would any other computer application. Making modifications and use simple and easy.

Screenshot and Video

Quickly snap pictures or record videos. Empower your sales and demo teams by saving time with quick snapshots and screen recordings of the device without needing special recording sofware.

Remote Device Control

From the same network connection, view and control multiple device screens at the same time. Perfect for training, onboarding, and deployment of your Android devices.

Popular Device Connections

Safe and Secure

ARC is run locally on the host computer with no reliance on outside servers for full functionality. Easily pass IT security requirements. No software has to be
loaded on the remote Android Device. The Android devices screen is mirrored inside of a picture frame, with commands at the bottom of the screen. The picture frame is translucent and hovers above any windows applications that may be running on the host computer.

How easy is it to Deploy?

Download our app and plug your device in.


  1. Download ARC
  2. Plug your device in
  3. Be productive

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