Increase Productivity

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Themes and Customzation

Fully customize the look of AVANUE with your company branding

What can be customized?

Customize all aspects of AVANUE to your company branding. Change background images, logos, background and button colors.

AVANUE is Your App

Background Images and Logos

Change your logos and background images.

Buttons, Headers, Containers

Customize your buttons, headers, and container colors.

3D or Transparent

Create 3D gradients, solid colors, or a transparent look.

Say Goodbye to Information Overload

Create or Use Pre Made Themes

Timely Access

Technicians often work against the clock. Tasks ensure that pertinent information is available precisley when its needed, eliminating delays and enhancing decision making.

Streamlined Workflow

With tasks, chaos transforms into clarity. Each action is methodically structured, reducing confusion and promoting a seamless flow of work from start to finish.

Enhanced Productivity

When tasks are well-managed, productivity soars. Technicians can focus on what matters most without being bogged down by information overload, leading to more accomplished goals.