Making Smart Devices Smart

Revolutionize Voice Solutions for Frontline Workers

Equip your workforce with their voice to increase productivity and efficiency. eliminate cumbersome input devices with VoiceOS. An industry-leading voice system for Smart Glasses and Devices.

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Solutions for Every Industry

What we Do for You

Maximize Field Productivity

  • Empower Field Workers
  • Maximize Device Usage
  • Voice Enable Existing Apps and Information


Oil and Gas





Modern Features & Assistance

Fuel Efficiency with Streamlined Voice Productivity



Instantly voice enable your existing applications to run on smart glasses and other android devices without any coding or development on your end. 



Navigate and interact with all information assets that are required to assist in completing tasks. This numlti windowed environment allows users to view intformation in a seemless handsfree experience.



Create and run simple or complex workflows for field workers to quickly perform and complete tasks. 



Use VidCall for a robust remote experience on smart glasses to reduce callouts, downtime, and lost productivity.


Increase Productivity

Using the Augmentalis Voice Environment apps, increase productivity and completion of tasks. Reduce downtime and increase user safety and efficiency.


Increase ROI

By incorporating the Augmentalis Voice Environment to your field workers day to day operations, increase your ROI by reducing call outs, employee travel and loding, reduction in downtime of systems, reduction in developing custom apps for smart devices, and reduce field safety incidents.


Revolutionize the way you interact with Smart Devices by enabling voice functionality. VoiceOS instantly creates a handsfree user experience to navigate and interact with your applications. 

  • Install and Go
  • Simply SAY What you SEE
  • 25 Offline Languages


Out of the Box productivity powered by voice! AVANUE creates an all in one environment where users interact with and navigate with all their information assets and remote assistance in one. AVANUE eliminates the need to have multiple single use applications while providing users with an easy to use content viewing method controlled by voice commands.

  • View and Navigate Documents, Videos, Images, Web Apps
  • Connect with Remote Experts
  • Wireless File Manager
  • Remote Control
  • Multi Language Support


  • Install on any Android Smart Glass or Smart Device
  • Works instantly with most Apps 
  • Instantly make device operation handsfree


  • Say what you see on the screen. No tricky voice commands!
  • No need confusing number indicators on buttons
  • Same interaction with all apps!