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Mobile Workstation™

Turn Smart Glasses into Voice

Enabled Touch Computers

Use Smart Glasses as a Voice Enabled Computer

Native Android and Web Apps

Use web apps like Microsoft 365®, SAP®, Zoho®, Movilizer®, Maximo® and native Android apps with AppView (native Microsoft Teams®, WebEx®, Zoom® standard, Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Outlook® plugins coming soon). Custom Integrations also available.

Inspection Lists/WorkFlow

Create and use inspection lists and workflows on the fly. Save them for the next team member.

Video Collaboration

Full featured native video collaboration with Microsoft Teams®, Zoom®, WebEx® or have us integrate your proprietary solution.



Full access to documents and files, with multiwindow support. Use Microsoft 365® online, or native Microsoft Word® & Excel®.


Bring your Desktop With You


Mobile Workstation Turns Smart Glasses into a Computer


Complete Tasks, Save Money, Maximize Productivity and Safety!

Your Apps - Handsfree

Augmentalis’ Patented environment allows for voice command injection into apps, without recoding or requiring retraining. Voice navigate your existing enterprise solutions, efficiently and safely.

Productivity Apps

Multitask with integrated productivity apps. Microsoft 365®, Web Apps, Email, Spreadsheets, Documents, PowerPoints, Notes, take Photos and More with simple voice commands.

No IT experts

Mobile Workstation is designed for the user, not the IT department. Create AR experiences directly on your smart glasses without designer software and access all your information immediately.

Single Integrated App

Microsoft Office®, Documents, Video Collaboration, Workflow/Inspection Lists, and all your enterprise solutions. Increase productivity with Mobile Workstation.

WebApp Access

No retraining, no coding! Voice command complex web apps such as Microsoft 365®, SAP®, Zoho®, Movillizer®, PI Vision/OSIsoft® and Maximo® with AppView.

Inspection Lists/WorkFlow

Create inspection lists and workflows in the office or in-situ. Save instructions that include all the required assets for the next member of the team.

5 Minute Deployment

Deploy a full AR desktop productivity solution in under 5 minutes. No IT or AR specialists needed. 


Your data, your server, your security. No external servers for IT to test, or break. Connected or disconnected, your data is safe.

Video Collaboration Suites

Use free collaboration tools like Zoom®, WebEx®, Teams®, or integrate a proprietary remote video collaboration solution.

The Most Important View

The most productive view of information, data, and applications from your desktop can be recreated using Mobile Workstation’s patented environment. Augmentalis allows users to access information and applications, as simply as if it were accessed from a workstation, complete with windows and instant switching between applications.

Maximize productivity with access to native applications and use existing best of class enterprise solutions and their existing licenses.

Voice command complex web apps without needing to recode on the server. Augementalis’ Mobile Workstation software creates seamless voice interaction into most enterprise solutions.

Maximize work efficiency with integrated productivity applications. Access document files and video media with Picture-in-Picture Mode, access Microsoft 365® suite and Teams®, monitor multiple live asset windows with MultiView, and so much more. ZERO CODING or IT support required.

Your desktop is an environment for all your web apps, enterprise solutions, documents, and files.

Smart Glasses provide an opportunity to work with enhanced mobility, handsfree.

Augmentalis’ patented environment brings the best of a desktop experience NATIVELY to Smart Glasses and mobile devices.

Instant Deployment

Zero Coding

5 minutes to first AR deployment!

Mobile Workstation eliminates long onboarding cycles, expensive IT support, and the need for 3rd party servers to pass-through information. Deploy voice enabled AR tasks on your devices without recoding or redeveloping applications. 

1. Add Task, 2. Add Content, 3. Deploy!

5 Minute Deployment

No IT Experts Required.

No Development

For Enterprise Solutions.


No 3rd Party Servcers

Safe and Secure.

Connected or Disconnected

Applications and media types can be accessed using a network connection, files stored on the device, or a hybrid method of content retrieval. Connected, Disconnected, or both, your Data is Secure on your devices.

Secure Data

For Connected or Disconnected Workers

Mobile Workstation displays the data, assets, and applications as allowed by the enterprise network security policies or stored locally. Mobile Workstation does not require any external servers to pass-through information. Mobile Workstation connects to information by accessing applications via URL, URI, or File Path on the device.

No External Server

No 3rd party server required to pass-through information


Access the information available through the network connection



Store and access files on the device for a disconnected work environment

For Smart Glasses and Mobile Devices

Maximize Work Efficiency, Maximize ROI

Increase Efficiency

Run complex web apps and maximize utilization of the productivity suite with live asset MultiView controls.

Increase Safety

Patented voice and gesture controls allow work to be safely conducted, handsfree.

Lower Costs

Mobile Workstation Supports existing enterprise solutions and licenses, requiring no additional coding or relicensing applications.

Coming Soon: iOS 

RealWear HMT

Vuzix M400

Intelligent Devices

Android Phones & Tablets


Augmentalis provides our partners with smarter, safer, simpler solutions.

“Augmentalis Mobile Workstation is the only app that connects your data to those who need it, when they need it, how they need it; we see it as the centerpiece of our Connected Worker Strategy.”

Jan Franken

Director of IT, Co-op Refinery Complex (CRL), Canada

“Augmentalis has filled a gap between running PI Vision on a voice commanded device and actually being able to navigate it without needing to configure special displays to recognize the voice commands… The Augmentalis app will allow users to leverage their exisiting PI Vision displays.”

John Marriott





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Augmented Users

Xcel Energy

Canadian Co-Op Refinery

Republic of Singapore AirForce


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