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My Workstation

Make smart glasses simple to use yet as powerful as your workstation. Complete tasks, save money, maximize productivity and safety with the all-in-one application. Voice navigate your existing enterprise solutions, productivity apps, information, data, and assets.

Simple, Reliable, Secure.

Complete Tasks, Save Money, Maximize Productivity and Safety!


Easy Setup

No coding or development required. Connect to a URL or asset stored on the device for on or offline use.

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Intuitive Interface

Single UI/UX. Context-sensitive commands for easy use.


Fully voice-controlled. Voice enable any web apps in minutes!


Integrate Enterprise Apps

Use your existing enterprise apps. Save time and money.



No 3rd party server to pass-through information. Your network.

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Max Device Utilization

Do more with less. One app environment for all your needs.

What is My Workstation?

My Workstation makes smart glasses as simple and as powerful as your desktop workstation. With the all-in-one application for smart glasses, complete tasks, save money, and maximize productivity and safety. Voice navigate your existing enterprise solutions, productivity apps, information, data, and assets. 

My Workstation eliminates the need for multiple applications and licenses. Save money by maximizing the utility of your devices and use your existing best-in-class Enterprise Solutions with Augmentalis’ patented multi-window environment. My Workstation enhances applications without any server-side software or recoding of existing applications.

How does it work?

Simply connect to a URL, URI, or file stored on the device, the same way you would on a desktop. Enjoy the convenience and ability to save time by having multiple information windows on the screen.

My Workstation eliminates long onboarding cycles that include expensive IT support, recoding or development of apps, and the need for 3rd party servers to pass through information. Deploy voice-enabled AR tasks on your device right out of the box.


Create a Task with relative assets to assist in task completion

What is  Included?

Ability to access and run enterprise web apps, video collaboration suites, document viewing, capture pictures or video, run workflows, and more right out of the box!

Free Remote Expert


Multi Doc Reader

Camera and Video

Integrated WorkFlow

Enterprise Web Apps

QR Code Reader

Desktop Browser

3D CAD Image Rotation

Native Android Apps

Voice Controlled


Live Data Access


Secure Data Access

Some of our partners and customers using My Workstation


Out-Sourcing Technology



Procter & Gamble
Out-Sourcing Technology
Xcel Energy
Webco Industries
Canadian Co-op Refinery
Royal Singapore Airforce
ATR Distributing
Intelligent Devices
Exxon Mobil

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