Increase Productivity

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Use Case

Nuclear Power Utility

Document Reader

The Problem:

One document at a time. Lose focus and cannot bookmark pages, results in users wasting time reopening and looking for information.

The Solution:

Users can view and navigate multiple pages of documents without losing focus while also having the ability to bookmark where they left off.

Microsoft Teams

The Problem:

Microsoft Teams either not available or implementations that are offered are very limited in required features.

The Solution:

Full capabilities of MS Teams is available, including an easy to use “Cortana” dictation feature to initiate calls and send messages. Ability to use contacts is also beneficial for user to chose who to call.

Workflow App

The Problem:

Customer needed a step-by-step workflow that is accessible offline, however, they would have had to purchase a separate Workflow app.

The Solution:

Built-in Workflow allowed users to see the simple step-by-step instructions that only show specific assets for each step; reducing clutter and allowing users to start where left off even without network connections.


28-32% Increase in Productivity. Cost savings on one app with all integrated features. Deployment in less than two weeks.


Increase in Productivity

*Statistics are based on comparing previous time/work completed.