Making Smart Glasses Smart

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Award-winning industrial software design increases plant efficiency and reduces downtime (planned and unplanned) by providing direct access to data and required O&M assets specific to the devices or equipment you are working on.

PlantView works on mobile phones, tablets, and smart glasses.








How does it Work?

Create Points of Interest for your plant floor equipment and work areas using QR Codes. Associate each POI with live process data, documents, videos and data entry forms. Then point your mobile or wearable device at the POI to display the relevant data sources.

PlantView Enterprise

Use this to quickly create Points Of Interest (POIs) for your plant floor or industrial application. POIs are linked to live process data via OPCUA, OPCDA and ODBC, as well as URL links to documents, videos, forms. Use our Form Creator to quickly create forms and workflow procedures and link them directly to your POIs. Print the POI (QR Codes) and place them near the equipment they represent, or simply ‘map’ your existing asset barcodes on the equipment to the POI. 


Just launch the PlantView and point your device’s camera at the equipment of interest and get a display of all relevant process data and resources. Capture and annotate video or snapshots and email to colleagues for quick collaboration.


This companion app allows users to download and complete forms created in FormsView. Step through Form questions one at a time, ideal for smaller screens. Save a form and complete later. Forms can be completed offline then uploaded when device reconnects to network.

PlantView™ AR

As industry advances from mobile to wearable technologies, future proof your investment with PlantView AR. We utilize Apple’s ARKit and Microsoft HoloLens’ Mixed reality solutions to bring the PlantView experience into Augmented Reality. As your company adopts wearable devices, you’ll know that Augmentalis already has proven software for them.