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Cloud-based Web Meetings

VidCall is straighforward, easy to use and secure, without having to download any apps

Meet Face-to-Face, on time, privately, securely, and record what you discussed. Get insights on your meeting.

Hold Productive Meetings With High Quality Audio and Video

A Meeting BridgeBuilt for the Modern Workplace

Absolute Availability

VidCall is a seamless solution that connects you from any device, wherever you are.


Your AI-assistant ready to automate and transcribe meeting details.

High-Caliber Productivity

Stay on the cutting edge of efficiency with precision tools that capture meetings flawlessly.

Live Support

The assistance you need when you need it.

Meeting Security

With multiple cutting-edge virtual security measures, convene without the fear of intrusion.

Meeting Chat

Direct messaging for an interruption – free discussion.

Meeting Transcription with Sentiment Analysis Through AI

Automatically create transcriptions of all your recorded meetings. Identify different speakers and get a sense of the emotional tone of your meeting to gain deeper insights into what transpired.

No Download Required

Browser-based web meeting facilitates video conference without any downloads, delays or complicated set-up.

Customize Your Interface

Personalize your virtual meeting environment with your logo and brand standards.

Guaranteed Privacy and Security

Only Local Developers

Unlike other meeting provides all our developers are located in the USA and Canada only. We hire locally in order to keep our business and our client’s “business” secure.

Routing Through Secure Locations

None of your calls are routed through unsure locations like Russia and China (unlike many other providers). We pride ourselves on keeping your business YOUR business.

Secure WebRTC Tech

VidCall is web-based (no downloads required). Beware of providers that require you to download an app. WebRTC Technology is extremely secure and updated on a regular basis.

How VidCall Works for You

Better Connections

Create trust and high regard with crisp HD video conferencing and zero downloads for a dynamic virtual experience that facilitates important business meetings.

Intuitive Usability

Encourage perfect attendance and better collaboration with video conferencing features like Invitations and Reminders that inform and invite participants both in advance and immediately before meetings.

Absolutue Availability

Access online video conference from any device, anywhere, including physical SIP meeting room integration. No downloads required when using Google Chrome right from your desktop or laptop.

Serious Security

VidCalls’s video conferencing solution uses cutting-edge virtual security measures like 128-bit encryption and granular privacy controls. You are invited to convene without the fear of intrusion.

Signature Features

Screen Sharing

Skyrocket productivity, increase participation, and inspire collaboration when you can lead participants through your presentation as it appears on your desktop.

AI - Transcription

Our artificially intelligent personal assistant allows you to go over your recorded online video conference to pinpoint exactly what was said and done via speaker tags, and time and date stamps.

Video Recording

Hit record to capture every element of your video conference. No idea, detail, or suggestion gets left behind with a recording that turns into a searchable transcript. If someone can’t attend, send out the recording to watch later.

Online Whiteboard

Give participants a way to express themselves creatively and visually. Work on conceptual ideas in real-time by drawing and adding shapes, or share files, documents, and videos in one location.

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