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VidCall comes loaded with features that accelerate how you collaborate, participate, and connect across time and space. Experience better engagement using Screen Sharing, AI-transcription, Meeting Recording and so much more – all packed into one robust platform that strengthens communication while scaling your business.

A Video Conferencing SolutionFor All Industries

Online Business

Transition your business online and thrive in a virtual setting powered by video conferencing connections and touchpoints that attract, engage, and retain customers. Open up the market, stay on top of trends and attract a new audience with Video Recording that enlivens webinars, demonstrations, and workshops.


Modernize the online classroom by inspiring students and encouraging teachers with a video conferencing app that accelerates learning. Experience a more flexible education and stimulating course matter with AI-powered transcription and note-taking that comes with speaker tags, and time and date stamps.


Impact the quality of healthcare at the speed of technology for patients, practitioners, and students who rely on immediacy as their lifeline. Use HD video conferencing provide reliable access to rural locations, offer continuing medical education for staff, and safely expedite referrals with security features – like encryption and One-Time Access Code – you can depend on.


Appeal to top prospects and keep current talent with video conferencing online that draws interest from every corner of the world to keep business growing. Broaden the hiring pool, upgrade employee skills, train new hires and unite people and projects with fast-acting integrations across Outlook, Slack, and Google Calendar.t attract, engage, and retain customers. Open up the market, stay on top of trends and attract a new audience with Video Recording that enlivens webinars, demonstrations, and workshops.

Signature Features

VidCall is the best video conferencing software and comes with exceptional features for Smart Devices and Wearables.

Screen Sharing

Skyrocket productivity, and increase participation and collaboration when you can lead participants through your presentation as it appears on your desktop.

AI - Transcription

Our AI bot allows you to go over your recorded online video conference to pinpoint exactly what was said and done via speaker tags, and time and date stamps.

Video Recording

Capture every element of your video conference. No idea, detail, or suggestion gets left behind with a recording that turns into a searchable transcript. 

Online Whiteboard

Give participants a way to express themselves. Work on conceptual ideas in real-time by drawing and adding shapes, or share files, documents, and videos.

Discover How VidCall Works For You

Better Connections

Create trust and high regard with crisp HD video conferencing and zero downloads for a dynamic virtual experience that facilitates important business meetings.

Intuitive Usability

Encourage perfect attendance and better collaboration with video conferencing features like Invitations and Reminders that inform and invite participants both in advance and immediately before meetings.

Absolutue Availability

Access online video conference from any device, anywhere, including physical SIP meeting room integration. No downloads required when using Google Chrome right from your desktop or laptop.

Serious Security

VidCalls’s video conferencing solution uses cutting-edge virtual security measures like 128-bit encryption and granular privacy controls. You are invited to convene without the fear of intrusion.

More Enterprise Features

Gallery and Speaker Views

Interact more dynamically with a vantage point that brings participants together in a grid-like pattern or focuses solely on the speaker.

Customize Branding

Create a bespoke video conference environment with branded calls. Personalized visual branding and create an audio signature to give your business a professional look and feel.

Moderator Controls

Control entry and direct the flow of your video conference call with Raise Hand, Group Muting, Individual Muting, and Remove Guest. Use Speaker Spotlight to pin a selected speaker to come into full view for everyone to see and focus on.