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Augmentalis All-in-one Mobile Solutions Suite

Enhancing the way enterprises boost worker productivity and efficiency, with the single platform that takes smart glasses, mobile, handheld and wearable devices to new levels of productiveness and useability by turning them into handsfree Mobile Workstations.

The Single AR Suite for Smart Glasses and Handheld Devices

Complete Tasks, Save Money, Maximize Productivity and Safety!


Improvement of productivity and safety

Streamlining maintenance work


Improving the accuracy and speed of on site work

Reduction of employee travel and education costs

Streamlining audit support


Streamlining data entry work

The First and Only Full Featured

Microsoft Teams Implementation for Smart Glasses

Quickly connect to remote experts using the full native Microsoft Teams APK on your device. Share your screen and your device camera to enhance your remote expert experience while reducing callouts due to lack of information and lost time.

Use all of the features of MS Teams seamlessly with Cortana, rather than a limited mobile version. The enhancement of Cortana on smart glasses allows users to simply speak out who they want to call or message so they can focus on the task at hand.

Devices Enhanced by Augmentalis

Mobile productivity solutions

My Workstation

My Workstation fills the gap between powerful smart devices and an easy-to-use platform that enables an endless number of applications. It can be utilized where a need to access content handsfree, while not sacrificing the usability of the typical desktop experience, is required. Not only does this enable the worker to become more productive but most importantly, keeps them safe with voice control.

Why Choose Us?

Simple to implement. Safe for users. Efficient at getting the job done.
Reliable for any industry applications.

Procter & Gamble
Out-Sourcing Technology
Xcel Energy
Webco Industries
Canadian Co-op Refinery
Royal Singapore Airforce
ATR Distributing
Intelligent Devices
Exxon Mobil

Single Environment

One License




What are Customers Saying?

“Augmentalis My Workstation is the only app that connects your data to those who need it, when they need it, how they need it; we see it as the centerpiece of our Connected Worker Strategy.”

Jan Franken

Director of IT, Co-op Refinery Complex (CRL), Canada


Minute Deployment

Use Cases

How easy is it to Deploy?

There is no coding or development required. Simply, install, configure, and enhance your device in minutes.


  1. Connect the device to a network or store files on the device.
  2. Point to the URL, URI, or file path.
  3. No coding or development required.

Use Cases