Making Smart Glasses Smart

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Transform the way you work with Smart Glasses and Smart Devices

Imagine a Seamless Environment of Hands-Free Productivity with AVANUE

AVANUE brings this vision to life, offering a dynamic and efficient solution for users of Smart Glasses and Smart Debices though hands-free controls, instantaneous communication, and collaboration. 

Out of the Box Productivity

AVANUE eliminates the need to have multiple singlue use applications that require costly licenses and onboarding cycles. AVANUE has an all in one out of the box model that will seemlessly empower field workers.

Voice – Activated Efficiency

Say goodbye to traditional inputs. AVANUE introduces a new era of voice-activation and recognition, enabling users to interact with their Smart Glasses and Smart Devices effortlessly and intuitively no matter the device.

Real-Time Collaboration

Vreak down communication barriers. AVANUE facilitates real-time collaboartion by effortlessly connecting with VidCall or other video conferncing systems like MS Teams and allowing for instant sharing of insight, guidance, and information.

Tailored Tasks and Workflows

Your work, your way. AVANUE provides a customizable interface allowing users to personalize their Smart Glass experience and the way they access information, whether online or offline while prioritizing the tools and features required to complete tasks.

Low Cost, User Friendly, Out of the Box

Maximize your Device Investment With

 The Intelligent Solutions and Infinite Possibilities of AVANUE

AVANUE incorporates the many dynamic and efficient solutions users of Smart Glasses and Smart Devices require to complete their tasks efficiently. 


Multi window environment allowing access and interaction with assets such as web apps, documents, camera video, etc.


Full featured web browser with access and interaction of web apps.

File Manager

Wireless file manager to send and receive assets to and from the device to PCs and other cloud storages.

Universal Keyboard

Universal voice keyboard that offers the same keyboard experience across devices.

Remote Control

Built in web based device remote control with complete annotations, APK installation and more. 

Voice Pad

Dictate notes that quickly transcribe and organize themselves. 

3rd Party App Integration

Instantly voice enable any 3rd Party native APKs without having to edit or alter any code.

Universal Voice Interaction

No matter the device, voice recognition and commands are universal offering a unified experience for all devices.

An App thats Too good to be true

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Solutions for the End Users

AVANUE was built for the requirements of end users to provide a seemless and intuitive interaction mehtod, while introducing an all in one concept and setup to streamline deployment, use, and ROI. 

Increase Productivity and Efficiency

Streamline tasks and work completion by providing users with the right information they need to complete tasks.

Reduce Costs and Maximize Investments

Reduce costly single use applications that are rarely used. AVANUE’s out of the box concept provides a dynamic environment with features that can be used when and as needed.

Intuitive and Unparalleled User Experience

Built for any device, AVANUE eliminates the multiple personalities of different devices and creates a universal experience across all devices. 

Discover the Advantages

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