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Use Case

Aircraft Maintenance

Document Reader

The Problem:

One document at a time. Lose focus and cannot bookmark pages, results in users wasting time reopening and looking for information.

The Solution:

Using My Workstation, technicians can view and navigate multiple pages of documents without losing focus while also having the ability to bookmark where they left off. Users have the ability to view multiple pages of a document at the same time without losing focus.. For example, a user can view schematics or images while reading another page of the document with instructions pertaining to a specific component.

Offline Workflow App

The Problem:

Workflow applications require a network connection; however, due to high levels of security, the customer cannot allow users to connect to a network.

The Solution:

My Workstation offers an offline step-by-step workflow that calls upon assets without accessing a network to retrieve them. Using smart tags, technicians can bookmark or save specific pages of the document and access them with simple voice commands.

Onboarding Cycle

The Problem:

Onboarding of the device and applications takes many months in order to assess security risks and storage of information.

The Solution:

My Workstation does not require any  server-side implementation and the only data necessary may be stored locally on the device, which led to quick security assessment and deployment.


The customer was able to quickly deploy the device and My Workstation as they did not reuire a network or server side connection in order to access any information. Technicians were able to increase their productivity by being able to view mltiple pages of documents and schematics without having to switch back and forth between pages.

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