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AMGuard Remote Device Services

Enterprise remote device service platform

Security, Support, Communication, Storage, AI Message Translation

Mobile Device

Management, Communication, Storage

A platform your I.T. team can rely on.

Complete device management, user support, and cloud storage platform.

We value our customer’s brand. Every installation of AMGuard provides our clients with easy-to-customize persona options. A few of our features which client’s love are:

  • Remote Reboot and Wipe
  • Disable App Store and iTunes Store
  • Find Device and Device Monitoring
  • FOTA Updates Control 

Zero-Touch Deploy

Zero-touch deployments, eliminating deployment nightmares.

Cloud Storage

Encrypted cloud storage available.


Handle all communications from a single interface.


Record and stream video to and from your device remotely.

Data Usage

Complete control on data usage reporting. Excessive billing is past tense now.


Add the brand you love with a customizable persona.


Robust voice-over internet protocol calling solution.


An intuitive messaging solutions offered by Google and Apple.

Security Banks Depend On!

With mobile devices being a part of your enterprise, managing them from a single interface is the only option to stay hassle-free. AMGuard platform takes care of all the EMM tasks your business will ever need.

AMGuard Platform Features

Customized Persona and Features

We value our customer’s brand. Every installation of AMGuard provides our clients with easy-to-customize persona options. Remote Reboot, Remote Wipe, Disable App Store, Disable iTunes Store, Find Device, Device Monitoring, FOTA Updates Control are a couple of features which client’s love. Security is of utmost priority for our team.

Enterprise Mobility Management


Included with the AMGuard platform, quickly communicate via 2-way over the air audio, video, and messaging.


The AMGuard platform offers cloud storage at cheaper prices than other expensive service providers. View and access files from each device wiithout having to plug the device into a computer. Request a demo or contact our friendly team to know more.

Live Support

Device monitoring using the AMGuard platform is a breeze. Monitor a device from a network connection, no need to hardwire the device. Manage all your devices using a single solution & restrict access remotely.

Support on the fly

Remote control devices with 2-way audio to instantly support your field workers.

Live Support is an included support solution that allows remote control of Android devices without the hassle of connecting the device to your computer.